Time for Sanctuary…

Time for Sanctuary…

July 2019 Full Moon Journal

Hi Darlings,

I hope life is treating you well. I’m curious, are you treating yourself well too? Are you taking time out to laugh, do things just because you can, and generally off-load a little? Perhaps it’s all on and you’ve no time to spare. Or everyone needs something from you and you’re feeling duty-bound and a little…squeezed. Before something goes pop, please darlings, take a moment.

Worries can wait a few minutes. So can the people that need you, the chores that need doing and anything else that you’re putting in front of yourself. Not for long of course, we’re not narcissists and we genuinely care about the people that we’re there for. But just for a few minutes, be there for you.

“We’re so used to producing like machines that we forget sometimes to just be. We seem so visible, so available to others that sometimes it’s difficult to take a moment for ourselves, to be uncontactable. That’s why we create a sacred space, set apart from our normal life where judgement is not allowed, not even our own.”

Earthtide Tarot

When was the last time you turned your phone off? The thought can be freeing, or make us want to squirm. But what if….??? Yup, I know but stick with me. We can lose ourselves under all the push notifications, all those pretty icons that light up our brain’s reward centres every time we see a ❤️or 👍. While there’s nothing wrong with social media, if we get too used to that feedback loop it makes it harder to turn within or do something that forces you to self-validate.

It’s not just the receiving end of the feedback loop, the need to respond to others quickly so they don’t feel x y or z can be just as tiring. Among all this distraction it can be a sec1ret relief to be focusing on others’ thoughts, then we don’t need to face our own. We can avoid asking what we need for ourselves, what truths we may be sugar-coating or what grand dreams we’re enjoying the idea of, but not working on. Instead we escalate stuff that doesn’t matter or get caught up in the drama of others. We hide behind the Urgent so we don’t have to face the Important.

The Important is what waits for us on the other side of major events and upheavals, holidays and health scares. It’s the re-shuffling of our priorities so that we live the life we want to live and invest our energy wisely, rather than spraying it around like empathic confetti. When we stop, we remember what’s important to us. When we’re still, we find our sanctuary.

Sanctuary doesn’t need day spas and special retreats, (though they’re awesome) it just needs a moment, with you inside of that moment. Within your sacred space, you’re you. Not the parent, sibling, partner or any other role – just you. No expectations, no demands, this is your time to top up. Refill your Self. If you’re full of life and energy it’s easier to overflow and help fill others. Instead of running around distributing each drop that lands in your empty cup, lean into whatever fills you up and stay leaning until you’re ready. Fill yourself to the brim and gather all that you love around you so that they may do the same.

“We need silence to listen. To really hear what our inner self wants to say to us and rediscover our own rhythms again. A moment spent for yourself maintains the seed of who you are.”

Earthtide Tarot

Try it now, turn your phone off or put it on flight mode for just a few minutes…

How do you feel in this moment right now? Are you comfortable? How does your body feel?

We don’t have to be Zen-like in our level of calm, slightly less irritated and remembering to breathe is enough. So breathe with me, if your belly’s tight, relax it. Breathe in for 4 counts, softly hold your breath for 4, breathe out for 4, hold there for 4. Keep going.

Now how do you feel?

Stay doing this for however long you like, or until life, needs or something shiny calls you back. As with intuitive, spiritual or creative flow states, it’s not about staying connected all the time, it’s just knowing how to get back there when you need to that matters.

If you’re in the mood to explore, try asking yourself:

  • When was the last time you felt truly centered and what were you doing, or not doing, at that time?
  • What do you need right now?
  • What makes you feel good? What are the things, people, practices or places that make you feel yourself?

To work with the gathering energies of the moon, state your intention in the 3 nights leading up to full moon. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just look up and feel your desire for whatever change you wish to come to pass. Words from your heart mean the most. Take time to feel thankful for it already being in your life and look forward to an action that you’ll take that night or the next day towards it. The same is so for anything you wish to release, feel the relief that fills the space where the released feeling once was. You’re free. Feel the new thoughts that support who you are now, keep thinking them and they’ll become new supporting beliefs.

You’re more remarkable than you could ever know. Make magic through what you do and how you are, everyday.

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