The Wisdom of the Seasons

The Wisdom of the Seasons

October 2019 Full Moon Journal

Hi My Lovelies,

It’s Harvest end, and we’re coming in from the outside. The work is done, the quiet reflection and soothing autumn evenings call us inward. To ground our thoughts and deeds, just as the crops have been brought down to the earth once more. We pause to remember, to honour the life that’s been given to carry us through to the spring, and to honour our loved ones that have passed as October gives way to November and the first frosts. The Veil between the worlds being thin, it’s a time of deep magic now.

This was a glimpse of our yesteryear, as felt through the Old Ways tradition of what’s now the UK. Fast forward to now, so much faster, the first frosts have become Black Friday sales when it’s our wallets that feel the pinch rather than our crops. We’re expected to speed up for the Christmas rush and to spend our resources at a faster rate than we can replenish them, as for many of us it’s the time of year that both internal and external resources are naturally at their lowest. On the other side of the world, the Southern Hemisphere is waking up and enlivening with spring becoming summer. It’s coming into the time of work hard, play hard as the Growing Tide comes into full swing, though for some, financial pressures can make it seem like the leaves are falling and they need to prepare for winter too. Perhaps we all feel each other’s seasonal rhythms now as well as our own as our technology increasingly enables us to communicate just how connected we all are.

The tide part of Earthtide Tarot is inspired by the Old Ways tradition of the Great Tides of the year. These seasonal Tides describe the rhythms of change, growth, decay, death and rebirth into new life. The Cleansing Tide of winter clears the earth for Spring to start its Growing and be brought in during the Summer Harvest. Life can begin to slow down as the Resting Tide of Autumn releases the pressure on the earth so it can cleanse itself once more. The Tides are the verbs of what Nature (and our natures in response) are doing in that particular turning of the year’s cycle.

“Just as we often feel ‘more ourselves’ in our season of choice, each Tide has a ‘home’ at its corresponding time of the year. Though, just as the seasons themselves shift, they too can be found travelling ‘out of season’ through our souls, bringing other expressions and opportunities to grow.”

Earthtide Tarot

You can tap into seasonal or tidal wisdom in all your endeavours, it makes for a comforting tether when you’re out on a limb and want some reassurance, as the seasons are always there. We can deepen our connection with the season that we’re in by exploring the tidal influence; i.e. planting a garden in Spring that you can harvest in Summer, or finding ways to slow down and rest in Autumn and clear out all that doesn’t serve you in Winter. If you want to escape the season that you’re in, you can use tidal wisdom as an internal approach to bring relief from the climate outside. If summer is unbearable for you, what can you harvest within yourself? If you’re hanging out for spring, what can you cleanse and clear away while it’s freezing outside so that Spring’s energy can burst into life when it’s time?

With the Silly Season approaching (no Tide applicable to this one…), we can call upon the wisdom of winter to help us stay plentiful: when our resources are low, our resourcefulness can be at its highest. This is true for finances, but can also be applied to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual resources. By using your creativity and focusing on what’s important; you can do more with less, and do less so that you can have more. You can be clever with what you have, and aware of what you do and don’t need. And most importantly, you can be aware of which opinions and inputs you allow into your heart and mind and which ones you’ll let wash off, ignored into the Autumn and Spring rain.

Do what works for you. Do what feels natural for you. Trust your own internal wisdom and that of the natural world around you.

Blessings to you all, may you all have the resources you need right here and now. xx

The Moon can remind us of the magic in and around us. To work with the waxing energy of the full moon, talk to Her in the 3 nights leading up to Her fullest. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, giving thanks for all you’re grateful for or speaking simple words from your heart mean the most. Give over your worries or fears and feel relief fill the space where the released feeling once was. You’re free. Take a moment to enjoy all you can see in the moonlight.

You’re more remarkable than you could ever know. Make magic through what you do and how you are, everyday.

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Thank you for reading and have a great month!

With much love,


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