The Flower Moon – A perfect time to blossom in our own way 🌼


Hi Petals,

How are you all? I hope your treating yourselves kindly?

I know you’re not supposed to put links to stuff that’s not your own in newsletters but honestly, the most useful thing I’ve read this year is this blog post about our brains on Covid. I don’t know about you but my brain is ping ponging between Sid the sloth and Scrat from Ice Age. This article made me feel soooooo much better about myself:

The other is “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle. Fabulous book that’s also kind. I really like kind people, the good thing is there’s so many of them out there, so don’t let the news make you doubt that. If you’re feeling any body-shame issues around being more house-bound than normal; check out Sonia Renee Taylor’s awesome book “The Body is Not an Apology” – also on audible. I’m not an affiliate or getting a kick back of any kind – I just really liked these books and think you might too.

“Holding onto anything too tightly makes us unable to hold anything else, like awareness of the present moment and the possibilities therein. Like a muscle that doesn’t release and so weakens; if resistance has formed a heavy weight, set it down a while and know relief.”

Earthtide Tarot

Last month’s concept was Surrender, and I kinda think we’re still surrendering in a lot of ways. Despite this, I can feel it shifting into the next concept, Rite of Passage. A snake sheds it’s skin by outgrowing it, but has to endure a time of discomfort and struggle as it sloughs off all that it’s outgrown. There’s an urgency to it, we don’t want it anymore, yet there it is, all around us as we try to scratch and shake and shallow breathe. A piece comes away – we feel some fresh air. Scratch, hope, keep going keep going…another piece, and a glimpse of a new way. The old ways crumple; imprinted with our unique swirls and knots like the dead skin it is, it falls away. Here you are.

Who are you transforming into my lovely? What is being revealed as you let go of what holds you back? The Rite of Passage is more than a celebration – it’s an acknowledgement of all you’ve been and what you’ve been through to become. It’s a blessing for your emerged Self that will forever be growing, changing, shedding and emerging anew. I believe we all know this feeling on a soul-level. Even as society only marks the passages such as teenage years, birth, marriage and death, you can see it in the eyes of the Mother, the Hunter, the Elders and the Wise. They see you. They see you changing and they celebrate with you, guide you and teach you what they know. They too know the feeling of being stuck in the skin and can help you navigate your way out. The night passes, you step into the dawn blessed, welcomed into a new phase of your life…


Be well, be safe and be kind 🌸

With much love,


The making of (or Surrendering to…)