Spring Intentions and Arty Goodies

Spring Intentions and Arty Goodies

March 2020 full moon journal

Happy March petals 🙂

Despite the year passing in a whirlwind already, I can feel a quiet hope flowing in. Underneath all the media-hyped doom and gloom, regular folk are getting on, getting on as they usually do. Living, dreaming, worrying, solving like any other time in our life. I find this natural ebb and flow comforting, do you?

It gives me perspective when I focus too much on something, it reminds me that this is just an in or an out flow and the tide will soon turn. It helps me to appreciate the pleasant waves and endure the rougher ones. It’s the whole idea behind Earthtide actually; that everything is all part of the natural flow of life. Some bits are easier than others to navigate of course, but we get by, and even thrive sometimes 🙂

What beautiful things have you seen this month? What kindness have you experienced, both in sharing it with others and towards yourself? What are your hopes for this year? In the Old Ways, this is the time of setting intentions; sowing seeds for what you would like to bring to fruition (or start seeing) come Harvest time. These seeds don’t need times to be perfect, or to have unlimited resources and no problems; they make their own way. Our intentions make their own possibilities if we’re looking for them. Our only job is to keep feeding our dreams with our attention, belief and action towards their fulfilment, Upstairs (Spirit/Universe/God/Goddess) takes care of the rest.

So; do it with me…what’s one thing you’d like to bring into this world this year? Or; what’s one thing you’d like to bring into your world?

A seed I’ve planted that’s starting to grow is making the art of Earthtide Tarot available on clothing, homewares and bags over at www.soulcraftsister.com . I’ve teamed up with The Print Bar in Brisbane and AS Colour (a NZ tee shirt and clothing brand) that do excellent quality clothing with a size range of XS – 5XL 😃 Check it out!

March Tarot Reading
Ace of Spring: Spring Growth
20 Reclamation (Lunar Arcana)
7 of Winter: Perspectives

It’s a new beginning, fresh new chances and emerging energy that’s looking to bring something to life. Youthful hope and enthusiasm! As in last month, Reclamation comes up again; reclaiming the parts of you that you restrict through limiting beliefs or parts of you stuck in mental loops of the past or worries for the future. It’s also reclaiming the right to become the self you’d love to be ‘someday’, right now. The present moment is where you bring your dreams into life, even an imperfect step will bring you closer to them than a perfect one never made. Finally, Perspectives tell us to be open to those views that maybe clearer than our own, the people that love us and the person we wish to be. Likewise, any restrictive voice that doesn’t ring true to us, or feel like freedom and support (even if that voice is our own) can be viewed from a distance, with perspective. Sometimes we need to spend time in the imagined reality of who we could be to realise what’s possible for us. Daydream, wander in what’s possible for those you look up to and consider that perhaps they represent a part of you that could have/do/be that too 🙂

To work with the gathering energies of the moon, speak your heart, set your intentions and ask for what you need in the 3 nights leading up to full moon. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just look up. Words from your heart mean the most.

Thank you for reading and have a great month!

With much love,