Softness in tough times 💗🌼

Softness in tough times 💗🌼

APRIL 2020 full moon journal

Hello Darlings,

How are you? Never before have we meant that question so much. I believe we have never been more empathetic than we are now. Never more sensitive, compassionate, and uncomfortably aware of our fear-selves and those of others as we are now.

Earthtide has a habit of aligning itself to what is happening around me. Try as I might, I don’t get the inspiration for the right image in my head until it’s the right time. So, after months of thinking what would be the perfect expression for my next work, it came to me this week. The card is Surrender. The image is a woman standing in front of a waterfall, knees deep in the water, head bowed in grateful release as her hands offer up that which she cannot control. Photos of the work in progress will be uploaded to Instagram and Facebook soon 🙂

After being initially resistant to sharing this concept now, after all, when you’re dealing with something that scares you and some someone says to give into it, let’s just say that my response aint exactly Peace Love and Mungbeans. So I want to say that Surrender doesn’t mean that we give in to hopelessness or indifference, what surrender means is to give up wishing it was any other way is than it is right now. It’s to see with clear eyes where you are right now. To ask how, what and who do you love, and what’s worth your precious time here on this beautiful Earth? It’s then surrendering up the things that don’t matter. Surrendering up the things we can’t change and trusting that you’re ok. It takes strength to trust, to ask for help, to say ‘here, I don’t want this anymore. I’ve been carrying it around and I’m tired’ and then let it go. It brings peace and it brings magic.

All prayers, spells, wishes and blessings have an element of release. We set our intentions, we express what we need to express or state what we wish to be, but then we need to let it go so it can start the ‘being’ process. Like the Cosmic Kitchen that’s serving up the meal of the day, if you don’t let the kitchen know what you like, you’ll get what you get with no personalisation. If you’re in a pizza place and you don’t dig anchovies, but you’d love some aioli, ask for what you prefer and then let your lovely waiter take your request back to the kitchen. Hold onto it, and you’ll be picking of the salty little buggers yourself cause the Cosmic Kitchen aint gonna know that’s what you want. Let your request go out into the Universe, and trust that an aioli covered anchovy-free pizza will start making its way to you. Now, the disclaimer on this is we don’t control the kitchen; we can ask it for what we want but sometimes it’s run out of some things. It’s got a plan much bigger than the little menus we see but like all great cooks, it can whip you up something amazing from seemingly very little. So just ask and be curious to what comes back to you.

Surrender is also about not fighting; fighting yourself, others, expectations, roles, boredom, fear, pain etc. It’s giving yourself permission; to play, or create, or blob out, or stress out (if you go with this option, book a 30 min slot where you can worry and set a timer. At the end of the 30 mins, give it all up to whatever loving force you believe in, let it go and do something physical to burn out the extra energy, even running on the spot). And also: let yourself change as often as you need to. This isn’t a time for rigidity. All we hold dear will hold firm for us, but in a flexible way. Like the Ash or Willow tree that bends in the wind, we bend towards each other and sway together. That’s surrender to me.

All the very best my lovelies, and if you’d like anything, a person to talk/chat to, tarot interpretation advice or just me to pick some cards for you at no charge, I’m here. You’ve been here for me so I’d like to be there for you if I can be. The very biggest of hugs to you all, this time will end, but let’s make the togetherness stay. xxxx

With much love,

Rebecca. xx

PS – I actually like anchovies…. 😉