Navigating uncertainty? Let your soulheart help

Navigating uncertainty? Let your soulheart help


Hi Petals,

How are you all? I hope you’re living what you love, with the people that make you happy 🙂

The great advantage about writing a tarot deck of your own, is that you can immerse yourself in each aspect of life in order to better understand it. While writing and doing artwork for The Unknown Path, I focused on uncertainty, courage and having to feel my way through life when things are unclear.

We all need a sense of safety and security, but when we have too much certainty, we get bored and go in search of something new, so uncertainty itself isn’t a bad thing. I think it’s when uncertainty is happening to us rather than being chosen by us that we feel unsettled as we fear that we might not be able to handle what could happen. Chosen uncertainties are the actions that we commit to and the exciting opportunities that come our way. But if we’re in an uncertainty-storm, we first need time in solitude or supportive conversation (whichever works for you) to slow our mind down so it feels safe again. Then we can feel confident about a course of action, or at least confident in our need to take that action.

“Our path isn’t always perfectly lit. The dim, inky stretches force you to open your eyes more and allow other senses to guide your steps.

You navigate these wilder sections without knowing where you’re going, what you’re doing or why. By just putting one foot in front of the other, choosing the footfalls that feel better than the others and pivoting when the winds, and your feelings, change”

Earthtide Tarot

Like exposure therapy, I’d think about the elements of my life that are uncertain and think about how I could turn them into something useful or positive. I realised that over the course of thinking about it, writing about it and then doing the artwork, my mindset towards uncertainty had changed. Contemplating anything it seems, even uncertainty, can bring peace as it’s the act of thoughts drifting into pondering and then daydreams that allows the mind to settle. I’d think about something that I wasn’t certain that I could handle, then ponder what turning each worst case scenario I had in my mind to a positive would actually look like. All the while, doing something that didn’t take too much brain power so I could drift in and out of thinking about it.

I found that if you give your conscious mind something mundane to focus on, it stops hiccuping the worries that have it stuck and wanders into a more creative way of thinking. From there it’s a shorter jump to imagine all the things that could delight, excite and empower you about the unknown.

The unknown can also help you to realise which parts of your life are actually the most important and enduring. These are the elements both outside and within yourself that you turn to when you need reassurance. Asking what you really think, believe and feel about a particular subject starts a conversation with your inner self that feels like perspective and relief. The love and immense strength of your heart and soul begin to shine warmly on your present moment, making it a little brighter and allowing you to see with clarity and courage. The murky, fear-charged waters get washed away by calmer feelings that flow in, cool and clear, bringing solutions or safe spaces to recuperate.

“Lost or exploring is just a matter of perspective. Your mind may want to know everything in order to feel safe but your heart isn’t afraid. Not because it’s naive to the world, but because it knows itself and it knows you’ll be just fine.”

Earthtide Tarot

Nerdy fun-fact about uncertainty: author and neuroscientist, Dr Tara Swart in her book “The Source” says our beautiful brain tries to keep us safe by conserving calories! In a time where you had to catch your food or be able to run from becoming it, having a brain that took up 30% of your fuel was a hindrance. So the brain developed a preference for the safe and predictable, as adapting to the unexpected takes more calories.

The next time you beat yourself up for not sticking to any chosen intention perfectly (like a robot that only knows certainties and if something doesn’t work – it’s Telstra/BT or AT&T) remember this: your brain isn’t as brave as you are. It still thinks we’re on the paleo diet; the strict version where the deadly tusks are still attached to your food. Calorie-Counter-brain pulls our freak-out strings to keep our mind on auto-pilot…. juuuuust in case our legs need our last snack to run away from a threat.

Fast forward to now, we’re no longer a Happy-Meal to the many threats we knew then, but our brains are still programmed by evolution to scare the bejeezus out of us if we try something new. If we accept that it’s just our brain being protective of us, we can listen to it’s advice while also seeing how our heart and soul feel about it. The Japanese have a beautiful word for the heart: Kokoro; meaning the heart that’s body, mind and spirit united as one. In complete connection with all that we are; amazing souls given bodies infused with intelligence and love.

Your Kokoro, your SoulHeart isn’t as afraid of making ‘mistakes’ as our herd mentality would have you believe. If you invest your hope, care and effort in a course of action, and it doesn’t work as planned, you don’t fail because you’ll make another choice as a result of that action. Your heart doesn’t need to know how everything will turn out, it’s got courage and commitment and it just wants to express it’s endless care for you. So if you love something, or want to love something, choose it. If you’re thinking of taking a chance that might bring you closer to your dreams, take it. If there’s a possibility that you’ll love yourself more through the choosing and reaching for it than the defeated slumping away from it, then reach boldly my love. And in the morning, when the shine of inspiration has worn off, you’ve got a million things to do, you’re tired and you haven’t had your coffee yet…have your coffee…and then choose it again.

“The human mind that’s protected us for millennia by getting us to live small deems anything uncertain as possibly dangerous. Love is uncertain, life is uncertain and both can be fleeting. The human heart is resilient and brave, it only needs the possibility of feeling alive, loved and loving to take a chance.”

Earthtide Tarot

If you’re in the mood to explore, try asking yourself:

  • What are the nourishing things that ground you and give a sense of security and comfort?
  • How are you when you’re fearful or unsettled? What do you turn to to soothe those feelings, and are they still nourishing? If not, like a railway track, what’s the lever (a thought, choice or action) that you could pull to get you back on track?
  • If there’s an uncertainty you’re worried about, is it important to you? If not, can you ditch it, delegate it or diarise it (schedule a 20 min slot to worry about it later)?
  • If it’s important to you, what are the things that could be done and of those things, can someone else do or help with some of them? Make a list and then assign people that could help. If you see one name a lot – give that person lots of support! Yes…that means you too.
  • What new opportunities are you curious about? Time to explore perhaps?

To work with the gathering energies of the moon, state your intention in the 3 nights leading up to full moon. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just look up and feel your desire for whatever change you wish to come to pass. Words from your heart mean the most. Take time to feel thankful for it already being in your life and look forward to an action that you’ll take that night or the next day towards it. The same is so for anything you wish to release, feel the relief that fills the space where the released feeling once was. You’re free. Feel the new thoughts that support who you are now, keep thinking them and they’ll become new supporting beliefs.

You’re more remarkable than you could ever know. Make magic through what you do and how you are, everyday.

These aren’t just pretty words, I truly do believe in you. You’re MAJESTIC and amazing.

Thank you for reading and have a great month!

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