Living the Creative Journey

Living the Creative Journey

November 2019 Full Moon Journal

Hi Petals,

How’s your month been? If you’re working on creating more of the life you enjoy vs. just going with the default settings, you’re on a creative journey. It doesn’t matter what it is; learning to live, do or be something new takes courage as we’re deliberately stepping off the well-worn path of what’s comfortable. Our confidence can take a hit, as can our clarity. It’s humbling to start, ready or not, with what we have/don’t have, with what we know/don’t know and share it all with others. But that’s what we must do; start. As author, Steven Pressfield says: “You need to put your ass where your heart wants to be”.

This month I built a new website at that now houses all previous Journal posts and finished art to date. I didn’t have a bloody clue what I was doing as I’d never built a site on WordPress before, but I wanted to learn. So, I made a start. I waded in and installed, then removed a gazillion plugins, pages and privacy law thingies, learnt some boring and highly technical stuff for the back end and generally tried my very best to build a nice site for people to read and comment on life. It needs more work, but I made it and I’m kinda proud. You can now comment on posts and if there’s something you’d like me to include on the site or in these newsletters, let me know.

It’s scary putting our imperfect creations out to the world but offer them we must. Remember when we were kids and we wanted to show people our room, our toys or the magical world that we’d created that was all ours? Now think of what offering you’d like to bring to the world, what do you want to share and show? It doesn’t need to be perfect, even the verb ‘to perfect’ implies that it needs something out there first before it can be improved upon. Creating the life you like living is the same. It doesn’t need to be Insta-perfect to be a good life; you can have the awesome mixed in with the not-so-awesome and still be an incredible creator of your own world. Someone told me once when I was going through a hard time: “it’s ok, some people are just not good at manifesting” …aww thanks…. queue Ryan Reynolds style facepalm. I was in no way feeling like an incredible creator in that moment, but I knew I had more strength to solve it than Lil’ Miss Shade-with-a-Smile thought I had.

Everyone creates, everyone has times where they feel on fire and so connected it really does seem effortless, and other times it’s all they can do to just show up. Not-so-awesome times can be an opportunity to look at where you are, what you need and why you’re doing what you’re doing. It can also signal a need to call in your support crew; your friends, family, fur-babies and role models so you can brainstorm together.

Creative Being

“Trusting your empowered self is an act of self love, confidence and respect.

Be the first to take a chance on you. Give yourself space to explore, experiment and believe in yourself no matter what. You’ll gain skills and develop your confidence as you go.”

Earthtide Tarot

Just as feeling like an impostor doesn’t mean you are one, not always knowing how to do something doesn’t mean you won’t figure it out. Follow what feels better than the alternative at each turn and you’ll find your way. We do create what we think about the most, so changing our minds and behaviours is bound to cause some wobbles as we may not have thought and acted this way before. Don’t worry if your thoughts aren’t always unicorns and fairy dust, 80% of our thoughts have a negative bias left over from our primal past. So, can you imagine just for a moment; how powerful those positive thoughts are that make up the other 20%? Those positive thoughts are so strong that they balance four thoughts to each of their one. So, if you’re not feeling particularly positive sometimes, rest your mind. Those positive thoughts are still there, they may just be feeling tired from lifting four times their weight that particular day. Give them something that you delight in, something that feeds you and nourishes your soul. You can almost feel them smiling, refreshed as they get right back in there.

As Oscar Wilde said: “We’re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” So, wherever you start from, stand tall and hold your head high. You’ll see more stars than ever; others will see you looking and perhaps look up themselves…

The Moon can remind us of the magic in and around us. To work with the waxing energy of the full moon, talk to Her in the 3 nights leading up to Her fullest.
It doesn't need to be anything fancy, giving thanks for all you’re grateful for or speaking simple words from your heart mean the most. Give over your worries or fears and feel relief fill the space where the released feeling once was.
You're free.
Take a moment to enjoy all you can see in the moonlight.


You’re more remarkable than you could ever know. Make magic through what you do and how you are, everyday.

I’d love to hear about what you create!

Thank you for reading and have a great month 🙂

With much love,


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