Change and gentle steps 🌺

Change and gentle steps 🌺

January 2020 Full Moon Journal

Happy New Year Darlings!!!

I hope you had a nice Holiday Season; if the weather is cold and dreary, may the hot chocolate be delicious, and if it’s hot and draining, may you have the perfect amount of rain and cool for you and your surroundings.

I don’t know about you, but after the promises of hope, renewal and peace at Christmas, I got sent so many planning tips, year/decade reviews and goal setting “write down 5 goals and examples of…whatever” things for the new year, it was exhausting! While useful on their own, I almost felt like I had a self-help hangover. I didn’t see perfectionism sneak into the party, but it grabbed the mic and was singing Marie Kondo Karaoke as the decade dawned… 

If you’re totally psyched and energized for the year – awesome! Keep going! But if you’re feeling pressure for not being all fluffy bunnies and focus right now, remember January, while awesome and positive, is also the “Monday” of the year’s calendar. We can get a lot done, we can have excellent intentions, and then sneak out the side door to escape from the weight of renewed responsibilities and expectations of a perfect start to the year. 

“Some change brings with it a clean slate, a chance to start again. But most change brings the chance to clean up the starts that we’ve already made.

Even though we’d often prefer the chance to start over and make it perfect, it’s the growth and adaption resulting from each iteration, each step and falter that builds our strength and courage” 

Earthtide Tarot

Change and new beginnings feel the ‘cleanest’ when they’re novel. They have the most hope, the most potential. When we try to make something real, we may not have everything we think we need, we may not think we can ‘do it right’. It takes self-love and courage to start from where you’re at, but it’s the only solid ground you’ll ever need for ever dream you wish to make real.

While you’re seeking your dreams, also seek comfort. Seek kindness. Seek whatever you need to to lessen the pressure on having to have everything sorted out all the time. It is a massive year, and it’s gonna be an amazing decade in which more of us than ever before will realise what we want to do, and go do it. Just go gentle on yourself my darlings! Be unstoppable when you feel unstoppable, but let yourself rest when your tired. Be the best version of you when you have agency, but be loving with the rest of you when your shards are scooped together after disappointment or hardship. Like a mirror in a light beam, you’ll absorb and project your light when you’re clear and together. When you’re broken and scattered all over the place, you still absorb and project light, it’s just harder for you to see your whole self. Finally, when you’re murky and dark, you still absorb light, you just keep it within you because you need it more than others right now. Trust the process, trust life, trust the Universe or, as I like to call it: Upstairs (non-denominational Deity of Choice), and yourself. You create good things, along with the Universe. When you feel like you can’t create, or you’re not on form, Upstairs has your back and will wish only the very best for you on your behalf.

So, for all my peeps that haven’t got this year all planned out, are just trying to do their best, and if that best is showing up with a pulse and some clean undies that day, I salute you. This is your decade too. You don’t have to have a gazillion-point plan to make it rock – you’re here, we’re here, let’s see what we can do…

Thank you for reading and have a great month!

With much love,