Hi Petals, How are you all? I hope your treating yourselves kindly? I know you're not supposed to put links
How are you? Never before have we meant that question so much. I believe we have never been more empathetic
What beautiful things have you seen this month? What are your hopes for this year? In the Old Ways, this
What is Integrity to you? How does it feel to have it or not and what scenarios or prerequisites do
Change and new beginnings feel the ‘cleanest’ when they’re novel. They have the most hope, the most potential. When we
You’re pretty amazing, you know that? You came into this world not even able to support your own head, yet
If you’re working on creating more of the life you enjoy vs. just going with the default settings, you’re on
It's Harvest end, and we're coming in from the outside. The work is done, the quiet reflection and soothing autumn
In today's ‘you can have/be/do anything you want’ times the greatest freedom is in choosing your restrictions. It's in choosing
We all need a sense of safety and security, but when we have too much certainty, we get bored and