Earthtide Tarot

A Modern Tarot Tradition

About Earthtide Tarot

Earthtide is a cherished blending of traditional tarot and modern experience, that brings gentle support to our dark hours and joyful companionship to the light. Whether you're an experienced reader or new to the cards, you'll find an easy wisdom here that speaks to your heart.

The Work

Earthtide Tarot is based on natural rhythms; of seasons, psyche and the ebb and flow of our lives. Her cards are gentle, both supported by traditional tarot but also robustly independent to bring the most wisdom and awareness possible to you, right here and now.

Join me as Earthtide writes herself one concept at a time. She has a few lunar and solar tides to pass yet before she's ready, but each full moon I share her guiding words with those who seek her now.

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